Robert Sims
military file on H.J. Sims
Wed Feb 14 00:30:06 2001

I will transcribe some of the documents I recently retrieved for the benefit of other names and information that might help additional unit history:
I / 3 Reserves Ala.
H.J. Sims
pvt, { Capt. Dial's Company of Alabama Reserves
age 46 years
appears on Company Muster Roll with the organization named above, August 1, 1864, When ____, 186_.
Where Gainsville
By Lt. Kendrick
Period _____
last paid: never paid
Absent with leave

Copied, J. Underwood (signature)

7001 (?number not quite legible0
Sims, H,J.
Co. I, 3 Alabama Reserves, (Confederate)
private, private
Card numbers

number of medical cards herein- 1 (?illegible), no personal papers

Additional Muster Roll, same organization
for August 1to Sept 1, 1864
Enlisted July 27, Selma,
by Maj. Haskell
period...The War
never paid
Absent in Hospital,
same clerk but less legible, J. Underwood

Roll of Prisoners of War
H.J. Simms Pvt. Co I, 3 Regt. Ala Reserves
Detachment of CSA by Lieut. Gen. R. Taylor, C.S.A.,
To Maj. Gen. E.R. S. Canby, USA May_1865 and paroled at Demopolis, Ala., June 5, 1865.
Roll dated Demopolis, Ala. , June 8, 1865
Roll 4
Copyist, G. Murdock

Sims, H.J.
Medical Card numbers 585773
Pvt, Co. I, 2 Reg't Ala

I / 2 Reserves / Ala.
H.J. Sims, Pvt Co I 2nd Regt. Ala. Reserves

Appears on a register of Ross Hospital, Mobile, Ala.
Complaint... Dysenteria Aucta
Admitted Augt 17, 1864
Sent to Gen Hospital August 26, 1864
Remarks: Selma
Conf. Arch., Chap. 6, file No. 2, page 127
Copyist L. Herera (??)

Stamp-Record Division War Department, Rebel Archives
Ladies Hospital, Montgomery, Ala, March 3, 1865
Duplicate furlough granted for 60 days in case of Pvt. H.J. Simms, Co I, 3 ALa. Regt. Reserves Brigade,
Division (blank)

Medical Certificate, Montgomery, Ala. Ladies Hospital,
March 31, 1865
Pvt H.J. Simms Co I ...3 Ala Regiment, Reserves Brigade,
having applied for a furlough, the Board of Examiners have carefully examined him, and find that he is unfit for military duty, in consequence of Disablility and Emaciation from chronic diarrhea,
From the effects he has suffered 8 months. We further declare our belief that he will not be fit fro duty in a less period than Sixty(60)Days; and as his life and conbalescence will not be endangered ____, in accordance with Paragraph I, Gen'l Orders No. 69, A.&I.G. Office, 1863, we do grant him a Furlough for Sixty Days.
Surgeons P.A.C.S. J.W. Waters, L.F. Duncan, and (maybe but mostly illegible) Geo. Hitt.

Residence of soldier rubbed but appears to be Intercourse Sumter Co. Ala.
Surgeon Gen'l S.H. Moore, CSA Richmond VA

H.J. Simms appears on a weekly report Pvt Co I, 3 Regt Ala Res
furloughed from Ladies, St. Mary's and Stonewall Hospitals
By Medical Examining Board at Montgomery AL for the week ending April 1, 1865
Report date not given
Disease "for diarrhea"

Extent of furlough 60 days
Remarks... Granted March 31
Copyist illegible, possibly J. Telon

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