Roger Brothers
Boy regiments
Wed Feb 14 21:01:46 2001


I would love to hear the story about the Missourians
instructing the Ala reserves about what to do if attacked at Blakely. I find this quite ironic since
the 62nd (1st Ala JR reserve) held their part of the line until the end (longer than any other troops), even forming a line of battle behind and perpendicular to their breastworks after the left had collapsed and been overrun by yankees. Most of these "boys" although young (the oldest of the enlisted were barely 18 and many were not yet 17) had been in the army better than a year, were veterans of the battles of Cheha Station, Fort Gaines and Spanish Fort and had spent 5 months being abused by the federals on Ship Island.

I think you are right about the late date of the 62nd and 63rd regimental designations. The battle flag of the 63rd
which was surrendered at Blakely, 9 April 65, is in the archives it is printed with "2nd ALA REG" meaning of course 2nd Ala reserves.

As for the ages of the men of the 63rd I'm still uncertain if all of them were "boys". Was the 63rd (or 2nd reserve) ever officially designated "junior reserve"?

One note about the conscription exemptions: I have an ancestor who was granted exemption because he was a tanner
(don't remember the date)

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