Robert Sims
James M. Sims service in CSA
Sat Feb 10 23:16:42 2001

The following records show details I am checking out for possible connection to my family. Especially the second record for James M. Sims-could he be from Sumter Co or Choctaw Co AL, or eastern MS(like Lauderdale Co) and be in that unit-Co.F 38th AL Inf. ?

Sims J. M., Co. H, 37th Alabama Infantry. Private Private box 374 Co extraction #40, unit record # 4485 Confederate

Sims J. M., Co. F 38th Alabama Infantry. Private Private- Simes, James M. -374, 40, 4486 Confederate

Sims J. M. G 42 Alabama Infantry. Private Private- Sims, Ignations N.- 374 40 4487 Confederate

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