A Tribute To
"That Band of Heroes"
and my wife's great-great grandfather
Sgt. Lemuel Thomas "Tom" Ormond
North Sumter Rifles, Co. A

The Fifth Alabama Battalion
A Short History

Muster Roll - Alphabetical

Muster Roll - By Company/County

Including the war reminiscences of William Frierson Fulton, Jr,
while a member of the
5th Alabama Battalion, Archer's Brigade, A.P. Hill's Division, A.N.V.

This is a "tract" originally published in a 4" x 6"
booklet form in 1863. It commemorates the life and death
of 2nd Lt. Nathaniel D. Renfroe, a young minister, turned soldier
who was killed in the Battle of Fredericksburg, VA.

General James J. Archer
Here are two published letters from "Confederate Veteran" magazine
about the commander of the brigade, in which the
Fifth Alabama served. It is from the second of these
that I get the phrase at the top of this page
"That Band of Heroes".

Mechanicsville and Gaines' Mill
This is a "Soldier's Story" from "Confederate Veteran" magazine
of these battles, the author was the color-bearer for
Company "C" of the 5th Alabama Battalion

Archer's Brigade at Chancellorsville
Here are two accounts from "Confederate Veteran"
magazine. References are made in some writings
referring to Archer's Brigade as
"The Heros of Chancellorsville"

Beginning of the Battle of Gettysburg
From "Confederate Veteran" magazine.
A member of the 5th Alabama Battalion may have
fired the first shot at Gettysburg

The First Tennessee At Gettysburg
Includes multiple references to the 5th Alabama Battalion and
the actions and locations of Archer's Brigade at Gettysburg

A Reply to "The First Tennessee At Gettysburg"
This article from the "Confederate Veteran" magazine
challenges several points from the previous article and
makes a number of references to the
5th Alabama Battalion's part in Pickett's Charge

Major A. S. Van de Graaff's Letter
This is a letter written just after
the Battle of Gettysburg by the commander
of the 5th Alabama Battalion to his wife.

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