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Mexico Girl Wed U. S. Grant Officer In Ceremony in 1861

An historical event that took place during the stay of Col. U. S. Grant, in Mexico, as commander of the Union troops during several weeks in the summer of 1861, was the marriage of a staff officer to a Mexico girl. It was on July 9, 1861, according to the date as recalled by a younger sister, the late Mrs. W. L. Fowles, that an older sister, Miss Louise West, became the bride of Cagt. O. A. A. Gardner, a Union staff officer, attached to an Iowa regiment, who was then provost marshal. The marriage of Miss West and Capt. Gardner took place in the West home place, now known as the Pollock Place, just east of Mexico, the large ten-room West home being a show place of that date, and included as a part of the present spacious farm home there. The bride was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. West, staunch Democrats and Southern sympathizers, and the marriage was not regarded with high favor by the parents, particularly the father, however, when the date was definitely set, and plans were made by the bridal couple, a number from this city were invited to attend, along with Colonel Grant and his officers, and the marriage ceremony was followed by a sumptuous wedding dinner, prepared by Caroline, one of the eight slaves in the West household, under the direction of Mrs. West. Another son in the West family, the late Jerry West, then but 11 years old, was a great favorite with the Union troops, camped in the old camp grounds along the creek, between the Fowles home and the city, and the sisters, Mrs. Fowles and Miss Pinkie West, recall how the troops made for their brother a small blue suit, which he wore in frequent rides on the cavalry mounts.

Mexico Weekly Ledger
Mexico, Missouri
13 Aug 1936, Thu • Page 18

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