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Re: Reid's Arkansas Battery at Prairie Grove

Danny, Is the Reid below the same John G. Reid that commanded a battery at Prairie Grove?

Re: Attn: Bob Meeks, re Artillery Transfers

By:Danny Odom
Date: 5/3/2007, 12:45 pm

In Response To: Re: Attn: Bob Meeks, re Artillery Transfers (Doyle)

Expanding on Doyle's comments, here are some selected communications [from the Official Records and the Alexander Papers] during the time period in question that reflect on the organization of batteries.

As Doyle pointed out, a pattern can be discerned; in this case, regarding the need for men to fill out the artillery companies being formed.

30th. June: Nelson to Newton
Your communications by the cars are just in, owing to a fire on the train which caused considerable loss, which I have not time to explain and will be telegraphed you from Brownsville. ..... My report shows you my effective force which may be summed up in round numbers at two thousand. My position is a good one and if the men are steady and firm I can hold it against five thousand, but this is to test. You know the material as well as I do. I have sent Capt. Daniel with one of his pieces to Pyburns Bluff five miles by land below this supported by two companies cavalry to fire on the enemy�s transports and harass him so as to detain him. I have the three heavy guns in battery half mile below depot on a Bluff from which a ridge makes out to the Prairie some two miles on the crest of the hill. I have an entrenchment running around the crest for a distance of four hundred yards. Hart�s three small pieces on the left at angles to strengthen my left so as to leave me more men to use on my right in case they attempt to flank me. ..............Capt. Daniels company is so prostrated by sickness he can only serve four of his pieces. Of course I shall use them at the points most needed. ..........

July 1, 1862 telegram Arkansas state telegraph line [answering Hindman's question]
recd Little Rock 7/1 from Brownsville to Gen Hindman-Capt Brown says he can't make any portion of my battery efficient for an emergency having but 12 men

July 5, 1862
Hindman to Col Nelson cmdg. Fort Hindman
consolidate Hart's and Brown's artillery companies ordered to Devalls Bluff by Rust

McRae�s brigade and Woodruffs battery left for Little Rock this morning. Col. Nelson's brigade with Daniel's Battery will march in the morning as the dismounted Texans and Pratt's battery....................Col. Nelson agrees with me in the opinion that the reorganization had better not be announced until after the dismounting of the Texans is performed and we get across the river

July 17 Trans Miss District Spec Order #29
Capt Reed to report to Col Carroll cmdg. NW ARK taking 4 iron pcs to be turned over to Capt Pratt.
Capt Shelby or the cmdg. officer of Shelby�s infantry company to proceed with his company with Capt Reed to Fort Smith,
and at Dardenelle will also pick up and escort wagon train of Col Hawpe�s Texas. regiment and escort it to Fort SmithCapt Pratt cmdg. Arty company will turn over to Reed the 4 iron pieces and will receive from Capt Daniels and Capt Woodruff 2 guns each

July 21 Special Orders Army of the South West #40
Major Rundell will assume command of the battalion of artillery composed of Woodruff's battery, Pratt's battery Daniels' battery and Har'ts battery..... and set up camp of instruction

27 Jul 62, Newton to BG Rains

You shall have a battery at an early date, as soon as he can have the carriages and cassions made, which is now being done. He desires you to raise an arty Company of 150 men to man such a battery, with good officers and get the necessary horses.

July 27, 1862
Special Orders Army of the South West #46
par IX
the battalion heretofore commanded by Lt Col Morgan having been increased to a regiment by the acquisition of the companies of Capt Cobb and Maxey is hereby organized as a regiment of infantry and will be known as the 3rd regiment Trans Miss infantry
Lt Col Morgan is apptd Col to rank from the 23 inst.

August 1, 1862 Hindman to McBride
we are equipping a battery of 4 guns for your command and the bearer of this Capt. Brown is to command it. You are to furnish him details from your infantry companies to man the battery

August 1, 1862 Trans Miss District Special Order #42
Capt. Brown to report to McBride near Batesville to organizeand command a company of artillery for service with his brigade. McBride to make details if necessary from his infantry to form such a company of 120 men.

OR Vol 13
August 5, 1862 HQ TRANS-MISS DIST, Little Rock, Ark.. General S. COOPER from Gen Hindman,
The arms brought out by Captain Hart, together with those brought by General Parsons, have relieved me of embarrassment and enabled me to make effective the greater part of my command. If Major Bankhead arrives safely, as I think he will, I can then arm the balance of my men. I am waiting anxiously to hear of that officer's arrival on this side of the river. I have six batteries containing forty brass pieces and one battery of iron guns. I have a company of artillery encamped
near this place, to which I will give the 8-gun battery coming in charge of Major Bankhead. By some blundering mistake a box of friction primes intended for me was left at Grenada. I have sent a courier to meet Major Bankhead, and if he has not a full supply of them the courier is to go on to Grenada to request Major Chambliss to send forward those left by Captain Hart.............................................................

.August 4, 1862
Special Orders Army of the South West #56
Capt Hart cmdg. Battery will go to Pine Bluff and report to Gen. Roan.
Gen. Roan will detail the necessary number of men to fill Hart's battery

August 8, 1862
Hindman to Gen Roan cmdg. Pine Bluff. Hart's btry en route to you with only about 1/4 proper number of men. You should have details ready to join him on arrival..

August 8, 1862
Newton to Carroll, Cooper and Rains
Hindman makes following arrangement of artillery:
Rains to get Reid�s battery, but will return to Carroll the men he may have taken from his command for that battery and make up a company for Reid�s battery by detail from his own forces.
Cooper to take West�s or Howell�s battery with 3 of the 6 bronze guns moved from Ft McCulloch(West�s battery(?)) and 1 of the 2 bronze guns ordered from Ft McCulloch.
Carroll to take the remaining battery and remaining 4 bronze guns
Above to be effected by 20 Aug [25?]

August 9, 1862 Hindman to Col Parsons
Pratt�s 4 gun battery ordered to Brownsville for service with you

August 12, 1862 Fort Smith
Col Carroll to Hindman
I raised the artillery company as directed by you

August 12, 1862 General Orders, HQ.Trans Miss Dept, # 2. Little Rock, Ark..
I. The HQ of the Trans-Miss Dept will be at Little Rock, Ark, until further orders. For the present the chiefs of respective staff Depts, as arranged by Gen Hindman for the Trans-Miss Dist, will perform the respective duties in their offices in the Dept..Communications and correspondence will be directed accordingly. All orders of Dist. and other cd.ers will be enforced until revoked or modified.
II. Commanding officers will immediately, on the receipt of this order, report to these HQ the number and condition of their respective commands
III. All the troops in the neighborhood of Little Rock and on the Ark River below will be immediately encamped on the Bayou Metoe, or at such other place nearer the enemy as Gen Hindman may designate. Gen Hiudman will assume the immediate command of the army thus ordered, and prepare it at the earliest moment possible for active field operations.

By command of Maj. Gen. Holmes:
Newton, Asst Adjut- Gen

August 16, 1862
Special Orders Army of the South West #68

Resignation of Major C H Rundell cmdg. artillery battalion is accepted
Capt Woodruff will assume command of the artillery battalion

17 Aug 62, Hindman�s HQ to BG Rains
Guns of CPT Reid�scompany being turned over to CPT Roberts� company

August 17, 1862
Camp Cooper HQ Missouri brigade C.S.A.-Gen Raines
Per Hindman's orders to organize company of artillery with good officers -that company is nearly completed due to energy of Capt Wesley Roberts.......a subsequent order has assigned Capt Reid as Capt of artillery
he is in many respects objectionable to the men of the company as well as to myself and I desire that Capt Reid be relieved and Capt Roberts apptd and that I be allowed to nominate the other officers of my command

I did not uncover an order issued by Hindman [or Holmes] regarding the details detached from Morgan's regiment to augment Daniel's battery.

However, there is a web site devoted to Daniel's battery that also references a book about the battery.

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