R Teal
Re: Williams, Allen Young - correction
Sat Jul 14 23:06:16 2001

Here's what I know from the ADAH Pension Roll# 29775

Rachel Duvall of Albertville,Al. applied for a widows pension in 1906. She was born in Blount Co. in March 1847.
Her fathers name was Young Williams and is presently dead. He (Young Williams) died in 1862 at Ft. Henry. She (Rachel) was married in 1861 in Marshall Co. to John L. Duvall who served with the 4th Ala.(Russell's)Cav. Co.I and had died in 1904.

Now what I'm trying to find out is; was her (Rachel Duvall) father (Young Williams) a Confederate Soldier that was KIA?