Henry Seale
M.E. Hart
Sat Jun 23 10:49:30 2001

Lisa, I checked the Compiled Service Records for the 40TH Alabama Infantry Regiment and I found very little information concerning a Private M.E.Hart of Company I. Muster rolls indicate that he enlisted 30 September 1862 at Mobile, Alabama by Capt.Gantt(commander of Company I). He is listed as present on muster roll for December 1862. There are no other records found concerning him in this regiment. Many records are missing for this unit for 1863.

I also checked the Broadfoot roster of Confederate soldiers and I did find listed a M.Hart of Company E, 2ND Ala.Inf. Regt. I did not find any M. or Miles Hart listed with the 8TH Ala. Cav. Regt., however this does not mean that he was not there, it just means that no records are with the National Archives. The 2nd Alabama Inf. Regt. was organized in April 1861 and was enlisted for 1 year. They disbanded at Ft. Pillow, Tennessee in March 1862 at the end of their enlistment. I do know that many of the men traveled to Mobile and enlisted in other units being organized there in April - May 1862, so he very well could have been in the 2ND and then enlisted in the 40TH.

What is your source of information about his serving in the 8TH Alabama Cavalry? I would very much be interested in documenting his transfer to this unit so that I may update my files on this soldier. I am compiling a history of the 40TH Ala. Inf. Regt.and I would very much appreciate any information that you could provide for me about this man.

I have also found a good bit of information on a Pvt. Reuben S. Hart of Co. I, 40TH Ala. Inf. Regt. I have no indication if he was related to Miles or not. No other Harts listed with the 40TH.

Best of luck with your research,