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Confederate Surgeons in the Cherokee Service

Surgeon and and assistant surgeon appointments made by the Army Medical Board, Trans-Mississippi Department, in 1862-63:

Adair, Walter T., of the Cherokee Nation, Surgeon, 1st Cherokee Cavalry, 1863
Dupree, William J., Surgeon, 2nd Cherokee Cavalry, 1863
Evans, James P., of Tahlequah, C.N., Chief Surgeon, Cooper's Indian Division, 1863
Fisk, Francis H., Asst. Surgeon, 2nd Cherokee Cavalry, 1862
Payden, Harrison J., Asst. Surgeon, 1st Cherokee Battalion, 1862
Pickett, John R., of Jacksonport, Ark., Asst. Surgeon, Stand Watie's Cherokees, 1863
Polson, William D., Asst. Surgeon, 2nd Cherokee Cavalry, 1862
Turner, John T., of Armstrong Academy, C.N., Surgeon, Folsom's Cherokee Cavalry, 1863
White, Robert, Asst. Surgeon, 2nd Cherokee Cavalry, 1862

Wiggington, John ???
Ballinger, Achillies Garrard (May be Lt. Ballinger of 2nd Cherokee Mtd Volunteers who was killed at the Battle of Honey Springs, IT.) ???

Short biographies of some of these men:

Dr. Walter Thompson Adair (1838-1899) was the younger brother of Col. William Penn Adair of 2nd Cherokee Mounted Volunteers. Their father was 1st Lt. George Washington Adair, AQM 1st Cherokee Mtd Vol who died in early 1862.

Dr. Adair was the surgeon for the 1st Cherokee Mtd Vol and later became surgeon of the 2nd Cherokee Mtd Vol, serving under his brother. In a letter to Watie dated May 20, 1864, Dr. Adair signed as "Brig. Surgeon".

Dr. William J. Deupree (1824-1892) was the brother-in-law of Lt.Col. James M. Bell. (Bell was also Watie's brother-in-law). He wrote then "Capt." Bell from Quitman TX on August 4, 1863 stating that he had re-enlisted in the militia (Texas) but as soon as he could get "struck from the Militia List" he would report at Col. Watie's headquarters.

Dr. James P. Evans was the Surgeon for the 1st Cherokee Mtd Rifles (Drew's). His son, Walter N. Evans was Hospital Steward. James and his son were captured at Pea Ridge and imprisonned at Alton IL. James was paroled June 23, 1862 and his son on July 11.

Dr. William Davis Polson (1830-1893)was assistant surgeon for the 1st Cherokee Mtd Vol. One younger brother, Jasper Polson, was hospital steward. Another, John W. Polson, was pvt. 2nd Co. C, 1st Cherokee Mtd Vol. In late 1864, Polson served as assistant commissioner to provide subsistence to indigent Cherokee.

William was married to Flora C. Ridge, daugther of John Ridge, Treaty Party leader who was assassinated in 1839. After the war, he purchased a mill (or at least an interest in one) from Watie but was unable to make it a successful business. Dr. Polson, Brig.Gen. Watie, and Lt.Col. Bell are buried in the Polson Cemetery, Delaware Co. OK near Southwest City MO.

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