The American Civil War in Indian Territory

A Creek Warrior for the Confederacy: The Autobiography of Chief G.W. Grayson -- At the age of 21, Grayson was Captain of Company K, 2nd Creek Regiment. He participated in the engagements at Honey Springs, the capture of the J.R. Williams, Flat Rock Creek, and the 2nd Battle of Cabin Creek. This book is his personal account of his experiences before, during, and after the war.

Red Fox: Stand Watie's Civil War Years in Indian Territory by Wilfred Knight -- A thorough work of the Civil War in Indian Territory with emphasis, of course, on Stand Watie's Indian Brigade.

The Confederate Cherokees: John Drew's Regiment of Mounted Rifles by W. Craig Gaines -- The story of a Confederate regiment formed by the Ross-controlled Cherokee Government which almost entirely deserted to the Union side. Explores the predicament of the Cherokee Nation between the U.S. and Confederate governments, the failed hope of neutrality, and the ongoing conflict between the Ross and Watie factions.

The American Indian in the Civil War, 1862-1865 by Annie Heloise Abel -- Describes the devastation in Indian Territory during the war and the undying spirit of Native Americans defending their homeland in the west.

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