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Gettysburg Report of Jones' Virginia Brigade

Col. Bradley T. Johnson took command of John M. Jones' Virginia brigade (21st, 25th, 42nd, 44th, 48th, 50th Virginia regiments) on 4 July 1863 at Gettysburg and filed a report in the OR (Serial 44, p. 534) covering the brigade's actions from that point until 21 July. In that report he wrote that he had directed Captain Reuben Cleary, asst adj. gen. of the 2d Bde at the time Johnson took over, "to make a statement, furnishing a correct account of the whole action of the brigade during the engagements [at Gettysburg], which is herewith [on 15 Aug 1863] forwarded." Cleary's statement was "Not found" by the compilers of the Official Records, and it does not appear to have been included in the more recent OR Supplement. Any suggestion where I might find Cleary's report?