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I had lost your email and had forgotten about the letter. My deepest apologies. I admit I haven't located the scan because I had forgotten, but I would like to offer you this transcription for the time being.

If you locate any known descendents of this man, please let me know.

Please credit Evelyn Rard with the transcription.



April 21, 1862

Dear father I seet my self to inform you all that I am well and I hope those few loines will find you all well. I receve your letter dated March the 26. I was glad to here from you all gave my love to mother & Brother & Sisters. You wanted to no when I could come home. I do not no when but I donít think it will be very long. I must bring my letter to a close by saying write soon as you get my letter and remember your Son until death.

Samuel M Moses To Charles Moses

Charles Moses


Sam Moses

Back Creek Sherands August
Count, VA

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