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March 31, 1865 Dinwiddie Court House

Who was this guy?

This article appeared in the New York Herald of April 4, 1865 page 1 column 3

Colonel Elm, commanding the Fourteenth North Carolina cavalry, was captured by General Sheridan during
the fight of yesterday, and was sent to General Humphreys, and by him to army headquarters. He belonged
to the Seventh Infantry before the war, and was known by one or two of the officers at oorpe headquarters. He
was very free and open In conversation, and stated that that the rebel leaders were very confident of victory, and ex-
pressed his conviction that our attempt upon lee's communications would result In a complete failure, as that
great General, in long anticipation of this movement,was prepared for every possible emergency.

I've checked the regimental history for the 14th do not find that officer.