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John Mather Sloan

The following short item appeared in the Winston [N.C.] Western Sentinel, 6 June 1862, p. 4, c. 2:

"Among the incidents of the late battle of Farmington, which was fought on the 9th inst., was, that a young lad of thirteen years of age, named John Mather Sloan, of the 9th Texas Regiment, who had been regularly mustered into service, had his leg shot off during the battle. The gallant little fellow, as he looked down at his shattered limb, exclaimed: "Well, I don't mind the loss of one leg much, but I can't get over the thought that I won't be able again to stand before the enemy, and get another shot!"

"I learn that General Beauregard intends conferring on the young hero the order of the Southern Cross of Honor, who will be the first to receive this much coveted badge of distinction."

Was this story true, or was it one of those embellished tales that come out of every war? And what happened to Sloan?

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