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Your post brings to mind a question which an answer has eluded me for some time. Did the militia companies organized early in the war eventually evolve into CSA or TST companies later on or were the new companies totally new organized units with a mixture of militia and new personnel? I have encountered several references to soldiers who joined a local militia company early in the war and was later in a CSA or TST company. My guess is the later companies were a mixture of militia and new enlistees.

As an example, my gg-grandfather was 41 when the war began. He enlisted with a company of Upshur County men as a private in the 6th Brigade of militia. In March of 1863, his son turned 17 and served as a substitute for his father. In September 1863, the company was ordered to report to Tyler and organized into a battalion and officers elected. My question has always been, would this have been the original militia company or a new company organized for Confederate service?

In October the battalion was ordered to Houston where additional companies were added. The Upshur County company became Company “G” of Likens’ 35th Texas Cavalry, CSA. Since the company was being sent to the Gulf Coast to defend against the expected invasion, the father replaced his son and sent him home. The son, my great grandfather, traded the family mule for a horse, returned to the company, and enlisted under his own name.

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