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Texas Militia Dec 61-Feb 64

I'm compiling a list of units (battalion or regimental size only) that were formed in each of the 33 Brigades organized under the December 1861 Militia Law. I have the following so far...

1st Brig - 1st Regt (Yard's), 2nd Regt (Wingate's)
2nd Brig - 1st Regt (Davis'), 2nd Regt (Mills'), 5th Regt (Hall's), 1st Battalion
3rd Brig - 1st Regt (Chambers'), 1st Battalion (Polk's), Angelina Battalion (Dunn's)
4th Brig - 1st Regt (Rascoe's)
5th Brig - Regt (Haltum's ??)
6th Brig - Upshur County Regt, Harrison County Regt (Curtis')
7th Brig - 1st Regt (Coleman's)
8th Brig - 1st Regt (Murray's)
9th Brig - 1st Regt (Littlejohn's), 2nd Regt (Houston's)
10th Brig - 1st Regt (Driver's), 2nd Regt (Wynne's)
11th Brig - 4th Regt
12th Brig - Regt (Yarborough's ??)
13th Brig - none
14th Brig - Fannin County Regt (?)
15th Brig - 2nd Regt (Wilmeth's)
16th Brig - 1st Regt (Hernden's ??), 2nd Regt (Gaines')
17th Brig -1st Regt (Barrett's), 2nd Regt (Barnes'), 3rd Regt (Worsham's), Regt (Robinson's ??)
18th Brig - 2nd Regt, 3rd Regt, Regt (Coke's/Cone's ??)
19th Brig 1st Regt (Johnson's??), 2nd Regt, 3rd Regt, 4th Regt, 15th Regt, Regt (Lowe's ??)
20th Brig - 3rd Regt (Carmichael's), Tarrant County Regt (Harris')
21st Brig - 1st Regt (Twitty's)
22nd Brig - 2nd Regt (Delany's), Regt (Moore's), 3rd Battalion (Becker's), 4th Battalion
23rd Brig - 1st Regt, 2nd Regt (Paine's/Holland's/Wilson's), Independent Battalion (?)
24th Brig - 9th Regt (Smith's), Victoria County Regt (?), Regt (Emison's ??), Calhoun County Battalion (Ogsbury's)
25th Brig - none
26th Brig - none
27th Brig - 1st Regt (Early's ??), 2nd Regt, 4th Regt, Bell County Battalion (?)
28th Brig - none
29th Brig - 3rd Regt, 5th Battalion (Engledow's)
30th Brig - 1st Regt (Knox's), Regt (Van Ward's ??)
31st Brig - 1st Regt (Schmitz's), 3rd Regt, Regt (Carter's ??), Regt (McCulloch's ??), Llano County Battalion (Coon's)
32nd Brig - none
33rd Brig - none

I know that sources often confuse these 33 Brigade units with those state troop battalions and regiments created in 1863 especially as the latter were numbered according to the brigade in which they were formed.

I would be very grateful to anybody who can point out any additions/clarifications/mistakes etc.

Presumably the brigade organization above was superseded by the formation of the six brigade districts under the Law of December 1863. I can find no reference to the 33 Brigades after 1st March 1864. I assume the regiments and battalions listed above were also abolished at the same time.

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