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I found this on the MSGenWeb site. Sorry no Scott found.

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List of Confederate dead found in 1922 Hazlehurst Courier.

Article in 9/20/2000 Copiah County Courier.

The following article was located by Paul Cartwright, Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library director, while going through some old newspapers. The date on the Hazlehurst Courier was April 20, 1922.

"It will be interesting to our readers, we are sure, to see a list of the Confederate dead buried in the Hazlehurst cemetery. Older citizens will recall that during the war D. B. Lowe kept a hospital on the corner where the Corner Drug store now is, and that sick and wounded soldiers from Vicksburg, Shiloh and other points were brought here for attention. Those who are buried in our cemetery died while in the hospital here. A list was kept of all who died, and the graves were numbered by markers. But these markers have long since passed away, but Mrs. R. E. Ainsworth, from whom we obtain the list, believes that the numbers started next to the fence at the upper corner of the plat, and ran in order, so that by observing this any grave may be located by the following the graves in the order of the names below:

C. Brooks
W. Fort
G. Harper
J. Brymer

J. Smith
J. Vess
J. Lambert
J. H. Seabrooks

A. B. Bradford
B. Thomas
R. Rankin
J. Simmons

J. Reid
J. T. Brown
T. H. Waite
W. R. Davis

J. Jordan
S. Herring
B. F. Tanksley
T. Harve

R. Braselle
J. Hornburger
J. Bradford
T. Smith

D. G. Greers
W.W. Craven
C. Wampee
O.A. Quillard

H. Stevenson
J. M. Boatright
C. Graham
L. McIver (removed)

J. H. Gee
S. Mason
L. Hepner
W. S. Martin

J. Boman
A. Waldript
A. N. McFarlin
E. Lee

J. Gore
A.J. Wooley
T. Anding
S.H. Sexton

J. Spright
C. Devine
T. Freeman
J.H. Barnes

H, Branch
H.H. Thompson
A.L. Fuller
J.A. Brice

H. Ballon
J. Richie
J.H. Wooten
J.H. Butler

W. Brewer

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