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Suggest you obtain his service record file as his cards contain conflicting information as to date and locale of his enlistment.

George Martin

Order Service Records and Pension Applications @

Private John J. Love, age 19, enlisted in Captain M. S. Womack's Company G (Barry Guards), 5th Regiment Mississippi Volunteers**, October 18, 1861 at Enterprise, Mississippi, having traveled 140 miles to rendezvous, last shown present on the August 31,1862 muster roll (two other cards show he enrolled August 15, 186?one at Chickasaw and another at Choda?s)

**This company was transferred into the Confederate service with the 5th Regiment Mississippi Vols. commanded by Col. A. E. Fant. This regiment was organized on the 25th of August and their term of service commences on that day.


5th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry

5th Infantry Regiment, organized in the spring of 1861, contained men from Pike, Amite, Lauderdale, Winston, Noxubee, and Kemper counteis. After serving in Florida it took an active part in the fight at Shiloh under General Chalmers. Later it was assigned to J.K. Jackson's, Gist's, and Lowry's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. The 5th was involved in the campaigns of the army from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, endured Hood's winter campaign in Tennessee, and fought in North Carolina. It lost forty-seven percent of the 170 engaged at Murfreesboro and thirty-three percent of the 225 at Chickamauga. In December, 1863, the unit totalled 395 men and 283 arms. At the Battle of Atlanta there were 11 killed, 44 wounded, and 11 missing. Only a remnant surrendered on April 26, 1865. The field officers were Colonels John R. Dickins, Albert E. Fant, and John Weir; Lieutenant Colonels Samuel F.M. Faucett, John B. Herring, A.T. Stennis, and W.L. Sykes; and Major James R. Moore.

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Record of Events

October 18, 1861 Stationed at Enterprise, Mississippi

October 18, 1861- February 28, 1862 Stationed at Warrington, Florida

Regimental records were lost in the affair at Monterey where the regiment was forced to fall back in the evacuation of Corinth

August 31, 1862 - Station not stated

November - December 1862 - Stationed at Bridgeport, Alabama

Engaged at the battle of Murfreesboro

January 28 - June 30, 1863 - Stationed at Bridgeport, Alabama

July/August, 1863 - Stationed at Chattanooga

December 1863-April 30, 1864 - Stationed at Dalton, Georgia

Believe they went through the entire campaign in North Georgia April 7-September 5, 1864

July-August 1864 - Stationed at Jonesborough

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