The Mississippi in the Civil War Message Board

"Bug fixed!"

Over the years, the message boards have moved a few times and the URL/address for the message boards have changed. I have tried to keep up with these changes by writing "redirect" files, so if you use an old URL, you would be automatically redirected to the new, correct address.

Recently, I had to do an "emergency" upgrade of the software for these message boards due to changes and upgrades in the operating software on our server at You will notice that some of the layout on the pages is not "perfect" or aligned correctly. Many of you also know, that I cannot yet implement the "User Profiles" and some other work-saving administrative features. Recently, I was attempting to correct some things, or experimenting, you might say. I created a "bug" or overlooked a problem I had created, so that users who were using the old address for the message boards of were unable to post and received a "500 error".

After hearing from some of our contributors, I have corrected the problem, so everyone should be able to post now, no matter what access address they use. If you are having problems posting please tell me.

I really need to contract a professional programmer for a few hours to help me get our installation cleaned up. I just don't have the time to do my day job, administer these message boards and learn a new program. Thanks for your patience and your support.