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16th Alabama Infantry.

My great-great-great-great grandfather was Wiliam Jacob Guntharp 1824-1863. He mostly went by Jacob his whole life. Well like any other southern Alabama Man, he enlisted to fight for the Confederacy. He lived in Marshall County, Alabama, but he enlisted in Lawrence County, Alabama. He served as a Private in Company B, 16th Alabama Infantry from August 1861-April 30,1863. He stopped serving according to his CMSR because he died of Jaundice at Tunnel Hill, Georgia (Note: another decsendent has a CMSR for the same man that says he died on April 15,1863). He was also the justice of the peace in Marshall County, Alabama in 1862 The family story is though that he died while on Furlough cause he was killed by Jayhawkers on a Lone Road in Alabama. I am unsure of what to beleave at this point. There are few things I would like to findout:

1. Where was the 16th in April of 1863?
2. How could he be the Justice of the Peace in 1862 if he was in the service?
3. If he was the Justice of the Peace than why did he die in a Confederate Hospital?
4. Where could he be buried?

Thank You In Advance


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16th Alabama Infantry.
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