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I don't know if you'll get this or not; however, over the last couple of weeks, emails from this website are being blocked by,, and other networks that are owned by ATT. I have contacted ATT and they have informed me, as of yesterday, June 15th, that we will be removed from the "blocked list" within 24-36 hours. This can happen for a couple of reasons, one is the header information in the auto-response notifications can look to some anti-spam software as spam. Another is that the site is reported by a visitor or contributor to the site as abusive. Sometimes visitors to this site, will post a number of messages on several different sites and at some point in the future will ask not to be contacted automatically if someone responds to their posting. I cannot go through all of a posters messages and edit out their email address. If they continue to receive responses; however, they will report the site as abusive. Secondly, some contributors will signup for the "digests", many times, several of them. When they no longer wish to receive the digests they can go to the same location where they subscribed and unsubscribe OR they can tell me which message boards they are subscribed to and I will remove their email address. Recently, I had someone ask to change their email address from ????@??? to ????@???. I responded with instructions on how they could do this themself and they said they wanted me to do it. I asked which message boards they were subscribed to and they said they didn't know. I asked them to look at the headers on the messages they were receiving and they would not. I was being asked to search through all 33 message board digest lists, find their old email address and change it to the new one. I felt the request was unreasonable and refused to do this. It has been shortly after that time that this abuse blocking of emails has occurred. Maybe it's just a coincidence.


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