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Train Collision March 1862 Near Corinth, Miss.

Can anyone give me details of any train accidents in March 1862 near Corinth Miss? Most likely date March 18th.

Excerpt from "Job M. Foxworth Diary" Co D 7th Regt. Miss. Inf. included in my manuscript "Lest We Forget-The Immortal Seventh Mississippi"

More Rumors—A Train Collision—Mail Stopped for 60 Days

“A collision between two on some road, I do not know which, not far from here occurred last night, as reported around in camps. It is not worthy of much confidence. Another report is current that no letters will be allowed to go from here in the term of sixty days. I do not believe the report, though it is by no means improbable, as it is important to keep all information of our strengths, etc., here concealed from our enemies. This seems to perplex some who write often to their sweethearts.”
.[JFDiary pp. 128-134]