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William Temple Withers - 1st MS LT ARTY


I'm looking for any information available for Col. William Temple Withers originally of Kentucky and later Mississippi. He started the war raising Kentucky regiments and then moved to Mississippi where he became commander of the 1st Mississippi Light Artillery. He also seems to have been a commander of a "provisional brigade", which included the 37th Alabama Infantry, that he commanded at Chickasaw Bayou. He was very much involved in the battles of Champion Hill and Big Black River Bridge, where he seems to have been commanding both his artillery units and directing certain infantry units.

I have his service record, but it does not cast a great deal of light on his different commands and especially the last two years of the war. He apparently was stationed at Mobile, AL where he commanded a "provisional brigade" on East Mobile or Mobile Bay. I cannot determine the composition of this brigade or its engagements.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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