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Thanks to all who responded to my previous posting. I thought that I would re post so maybe more of you might see this posting.
Thanks to Mr. Dennis Brooke's posting on the Stout Papers and Records I did a google on that and came up with several hits. One of particular interest was a review of a book "Two Confederate Hospitals and Their Patients: Atlanta to Opelika," by Jack D. Welsh which (if I'm reading correctly) comes with a CDROM with patient listings. The book is suppose to be based on the author's close exam of the Stout papers.
I did an Amazon book search on this site, located a copy, and ordered same a few minutes ago.
Hopefully this book will have some useful information, but like most (and I'm in Texas), I don't have the time to go to the library in Austin and dig through the records myself.
Thanks again to all,

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