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There were a number of engagements at Upperville, Virginia, the most notable being that on June 21, 1863 during the Gettysburg campaign.

Additionally, there are a ton of men with the name W. Henderson who served in Confederate units.

The action on June 21 were mainly men in CSA Cavalry units with a few Artillery batteries.

George Martin


30 October 1862
3 November 1862
13 May 1863
21 June 1863 (Gettysburg Campaign)
25 September 1863
20 February 1864
28 April - 1 May 1864
29 October 1864


21 June 1863
(Gettysburg Campaign)
OR-Series I, Volume XXVII, Chapter XXXIX, part I, Pg 3

Order of Battle

Confederate Forces
Army Of Northern Virginia

Fitz Lee's Brigade - Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee
1st Maryland Cavalry Regiment
1st Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel James H. Drake
2nd Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel Thomas H. Owen
4th Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel Williams Carter Wickham
5th Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel Thomas Lafayette Rosser
Hampton's Brigade - Colonel Lawrence Simmons Baker
1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel Lawrence Simmons Baker
1st South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
2nd South Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Cobb's Georgia Legion
Jeff Davis Mississippi, Legion
Phillip's Georgia Legion
W. H. F. Lee's Brigade - Colonel John Randolph Chambliss Jr.
2nd North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel Richard Lee Tuberville Beale
10th Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel Lucius Davis
13th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
Jenkins's Brigade - Colonel M. J. Ferguson
14th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
16th Virginia Cavalry Regiment
17th Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel W. H. French
13th Virginia Cavalry Battalion--- Lieutenant Colonel V. A. Witcher
36th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
Virginia Artillery Battery--- Captain Thomas E. Jackson
Robertson's Brigade - Brigadier General Beverly Holcombe Robertson
4th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel D. D. Ferebee
5th North Carolina Cavalry Regiment
Jones's Brigade - Brigadier General William Edmondson "Grumble" Jones
6th Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Major C. E. Flournoy
7th Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Marshall
11th Virginia Cavalry Regiment--- Colonel Lunsford Lindsay Lomax
35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion Lieutenant Colonel E. V. White
Stuart's Horse Artillery - Major R. F. Beckman
Griffin's Maryland Artillery Battery--- Captain W. H. Griffin
Hart's South Carolina Battery--- Captain J. F. Hart
Breathed's Virginia Battery--- Captain James Breathed
Chew's Virginia Battery--- Captain R. P. Chew
McGregor's Virginia Battery--- Captain W. M. McGregor
Moorman's Virginia Battery--- Captain M. N. Moorman
Imboden's Command - Brigadier General John Daniel Imboden
62nd Virginia Infantry Regiment--- Colonel George H. Smith
Virginia Partisan Rangers Captain James H. McNeil
Virginia Artillery Battery--- Captain J. H. McClanahan
CASUALTIES Killed 20 Wounded 100 Missing 60

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