The Mississippi in the Civil War Message Board

Isaac G. Bell, 11th Mississippi

The Jordan-Bell Papers at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond contain a series of interesting letters from Isaac G. "Ike" Bell of the 11th Mississippi regiment. In a 26 April 1862 letter, Bell writes of a reorganization of his company two days earlier and names the new officers as Captain R. O. Reynolds, 1st Lt. Steve Moore, 2nd Lt. W. B. Word, and 3rd Lt. William H. Clopton. In a 27 July 1862 letter from camp near Richmond, Bell writes that Capt. Reynolds had received a letter that morning from Lucian Morgan, who was thought to have been killed at the battle of Seven Pines. Morgan relates how he had been badly wounded and captured, but he was fast recovering in Philadelphia. Bell expresses himself well and his letters are informative and entertaining to read, although some of his letters are not easy to decypher on the microfilm.