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Petrel historical marker DELIVERED....!!!!

Hi George -

thanks for your posting. I have just received an email from Yazoo City that the MDAH historical marker for the capture of the Federal tinclad USS Petrel has been DELIVERED to the MDOT office there.....!!!!!!

Funding for the marker has indeed been secured by kind donors in Mississippi, West Texas, and Indiana. Please feel free to remove the request from the SHAPE website.

It now looks like the dedication/reception will be held probably on a Saturday in mid/late January or perhaps in February 2008. Tentative plans are for the event to take place in the new Yazoo City History Museum, at the "Triangle" downtown.

I will post updates/info as events occur.

Thanks once again for your interest and very kind help on this project...!!!!!!


Kenneth Byrd

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Petrel historical marker DELIVERED....!!!!
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