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Temporarily Suspended "Blind Email"

Hi Everyone,

It hasn't become a major problem, but certain "Spammers" are sending advertisements through the "Blind Email" feature of these message boards. Be assured, they are not aware of your email address, but to prevent the aggravation and the use of this message board to send unsolicited offerings to our contributors, I'm turning off the "Blind Email" feature, at least, temporarily.

I plan to be upgrading the software on these message boards over the next couple of weeks. Additional security, is one of the promises in the new version of the software, so I hope to be able to turn the "Blind Email" feature back on at that time.

In the meantime, if you'd like to communicate by email with someone else on the message boards and you don't know their email address, please forward your email messages through me at

Jim Martin

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