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Owen Guthrie, 10th Arkansas, Co. D., Shiloh

Hello. I just discovered this week, that my ggg uncle who was my ggg grandmother Polly Price's youngest brother was shot at Shiloh on April 6, the first day of fighting. According to what his records show, Michael Owen Guthrie died before April 30th at Cornith.
I had searched for years knowing there were more Guthrie children. Just this week, my cousin shared the recently discovered mother's will which led to the name of all of the children including the baby Owen who was born after they reached Arkansas.
Understanding how the situation was and how the dead soldiers were buried after they died, does anyone have a clue to give me to where Owen Guthrie may have been buried?
Was it a common grave or did perhaps some kind soul bury him by himself and marked the grave.
I know the chances of finding the grave or between slim and none, but if I never ask, I will never know.
By the way, his brother Frederick was captured near Natchez and died at Camp Morton within the year. Only Fielding lived to go home. The older brother deserted and joined the Union Cav. which shocked all the kin even at this late date. As he was surrounded by Union people and had a wife and four children, it was the right thing for him to do.
This discovery only added to the sad tale of my Price kin and the Civil War.
Thanks for any help.