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Co. I 34th Mississippi Infantry
“Bowen Rebels“
Marshall County

Could this be your man?

STRICKLAND, Maston Louis, PVT, Enlisted March 22, 1862 at Tiro, Mississippi....wounded, Perryville, Kentucky, October 8, 1862...... captured, November 30, 1864, Franklin, Tennessee

Casualties of Co. I, 37th(34th) Mississippi Infantry at Perryville. There were two 37th Miss. Inf. Regts. The one at Perryville became the 34th Miss.

Company I—Killed: Sergeant J. C. Cathey, Corporal A. J. Oldfield, privates J. F. Simpson, J. W. Hargis. Wounded: Lieutenant H. R. Rayburn, slightly, in arm; Sergeant R. B. McKee, slightly, in arm; Sergeant B. M. Childers, slightly; Privates W. T. Aikin, dangerously; W. G. Aiken, dangerously; W. K. Childers, dangerously; L. K. Childers, dangerously; W. Maples, severely; M. L. Strickland, slightly; J. C. South, dangerously; C. F. Smith, severely in arm; S. T. Morton, slightly; W. L. Weaver, slightly; R. Childress, dangerously.

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