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10th MO CAV Vicksburg 1864

I understand that a lot of records of this regiment sunk to the bottom of the Mississippi River. I was able to learn that Benteen had some "stay Behinds" in Vicksburg about May 1864. Major Hynes "refused to send them". Benteen spent about two months attempting to get them.

They were part of 10th MO CAV, and I think my Michael Donlan was one of them. On page 75 of "harvest of Barren Regrets" it goes on to say ... "Benteen's regiment, reduced to about 200 men, went off on an expedition to Guntown, Mississippi with the rest of the brigade and a large infantry force. This would be about June 10,1864. It says that Benteen was not present at this because he was "being involved with getting his men and records from Vicksburg."

I would like to research Major Hynes and Benteen's situation. I would like to know what the problem was between them, and who were the soldiers of the 10th that were the "stay behinds"
Anyone familiar with this?