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There is nothing in my posting that establishes a "position". I invite your "pro-Southern", "pro-guerilla" position. I invite others to counter your position with their own and to do it with "sourced" information, not supposition, threats, innuendos.

I would like for you to quote in my posting, my "position" on the subject of Kansas-Missouri irregular warfare?

As the board owner and administrator, I do not take positions and only ask that people observe basic rules of decency and decorum.

Yes, I "know" you are a "firestarter". I presume you post the way you do to provoke a reaction. That's fine, as long as the postings are fact-based and respectful of others.

Don, you have chosen a public forum to state some harsh things about me and this message board, which I believe are untrue. I will say from my position, that I have welcomed you, promoted your book and never taken a position opposed to you.

You sure need to selectively take swings at people.

Finally, your "high-minded" words regarding "Freedom of Speech" have no place here in a legal sense. This is a privately owned forum and I will control the discussions as I deem best for the health of the message boards and to make these sites a comfortable, informative and welcoming place for our visitors.

If you want to "flame" a discussion site, feel free to do so, just not here.

Now, please continue to post in whichever way you choose. I will not take a position in support of or against you. I will; however, comment on any posting or thread, I feel is not "in the spirit" of this site.


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