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Guerillas, Partisans and Bushwhackers

It seems that there is a tremendous amount of information about guerilla warfare along the Missouri/Kansas border, but not much about the southern tier of counties, along the Arkansas border, specifically the Norfork and White River Basins. I have heard some of "Devil" Dick Boze of Oregon County, but what about Ozark, Howell, Oregon, and Taney, Counties? I'm sure that there were several bands that operated in that area,as well as in northern Arkansas. I have found a little information in Mary Ann Messick's history of Baxter County (Arkansas). She mentions Old Morg. (Generally thought to be Morgan Cochran), and Charles Cain, I have read a little of Bill Dark from over across the white River. I think that there was also Barker's bunch. Barker was supposed to have murdered Thomas Jefferson Shrable near what is now Vidette, on Bennett's River in Fulton County, in early 1865.

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Guerillas, Partisans and Bushwhackers
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