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MO Flag Presented to Steamboat by Gov. Jackson

MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, [MEMPHIS, TN], January 16, 1862, p. 3, c. 6

The Boat and the Flag.—The sensation that was excited when Capt. De Haven, of the steamboat Alonzo Child, hoisted the Confederate States flag in St. Louis, is well remembered. To mark the event, and the brave and patriotic gentleman who was the first to display the secession flag in the waters of the Upper Mississippi, the Governor of Missouri, Gov. Jackson, when the Alonzo Child was in New Orleans last week, went on board, accompanied by a number of distinguished friends, and in a speech replete with eloquence—the touching allusions to which, to the families of Capt. De Haven and other gentlemen present, left in Missouri, brought tears to the eyes of most present—he presented Capt. De Haven with a splendid and valuable Missouri State flag. We saw the flag on board the boat yesterday. It is very large, is of heavy blue silk, and surrounded with a brilliant lace bullion. On a ground of gold in the center, the State of arms are exquisitely painted, with the mottoes: "Salus populi suprema lexits," and "United we stand, divided we fall." Many Missouri citizens and others went on board yesterday to look at the flag, and to express their esteem for its respected owner; among whom were Gen. Parsons, formerly major-general, now brigadier-general of the State of Missouri. All who are acquainted with Capt. De Haven, will acknowledge that he well merits the honor implied in the bestowal of so beautiful a present from the hands of the Governor of Missouri.

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MO Flag Presented to Steamboat by Gov. Jackson
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