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In my sources I can find nothing definite to this particular unit. Missouri Confederate units were considered "orphaned" because their state was not officially a Confederate state and the Misssouri troops could not get aid from their home state. Kentucky and Maryland troops had the same problem. The Missouri troops had to be supplied by other CSA states. Having to do this the Missourians wore clothing supplied , probably by the Little Rock Depot, which at the time of Prairie Grove, supplied Arkansas troops in the Trans-Mississippi. Little Rock Penitentiary manufactured uniforms of the following cut:

"grey/brown frock coats and trousers in a matching shade of jeans cloth, and grey forage caps. The single-breasted frock coats had dark blue faced collar & cuffs and eight or nine buttons".

The Little Rock Depot was captured in the summer of 1863 and the Depots at Shreveport and Houston became the major suppliers for the Trans-mississippi.

Sorry I can't be of more assistance. Maybe a more knowledgable person will see this and comment.


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