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Here's Chapter 2


Organized July, 1861, and accepted by General John Pope, and performed active service in driving off rebel Jeff Patton from the county, and also scouting in Nodaway, Andrew, Worth, Gentry and Buchanan Counties until mustered out August, 1861.
Field and Staff
Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks
-------- ---------------------- --------------- -----------
Colonel Wm. J. W. Bickett
Lt. Col. John H. Davis
Major B. F. Farrance
Surgeon Perry H. Talbot
A. Surg. James W, Moragn
Adjutant Sylvester M. Penfield

Co.A (106 men)
Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks
-------- ---------------------- --------------- ----------
Captain Josiah Coleman
1st Lt. James S. Bainum
2nd Lt. Thomas D. Wallce

Co.B (48 men)
Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks
-------- ---------------------- --------------- ----------
Captain Emanuel Davis
1st Lt. G. L. Mockel
2nd Lt. Thomas Forrence

Co.C (80 men)
Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks
-------- ---------------------- --------------- ----------
Captain John G. Allen
1st Lt. William Swinford Resigned 28Aug1861.
2nd Lt. Thomas S. Wright

Co.D (69 men)
Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks
-------- ---------------------- --------------- ----------Captain Samuel Robinson
1st Lt. James D. Godfrith
2nd Lt. George Lucas

Co.G (67 men)
Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks
-------- ---------------------- --------------- ----------
Captain Amos Hallsa
1st Lt. James T. Bonham
2nd Lt. Emanuel Davis

Co.H (49 men)
Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks
-------- ---------------------- --------------- ----------
Captain Moses Stingley
1st Lt. Amos B. Bently
2nd Lt. Alexander Bierd

Co.I (41 men)
Rank Officer Commissioned Remarks
-------- ---------------------- --------------- ----------
Captain John Ham
1st Lt. Wm. McLaughlin
2nd Lt. Justin Packard

Sources: 1) "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, V.III" by Frederick H. Dyer, c1908, p.1342
2) Annual Report of the Adjutant General of Missouri for the Year Ending December 31, 1863", c1864; p.107.

Now collecting a bit more from the SOS listing we find a William Lucas and a Thomas Lucas that also served in these two units. Spinning the Web a couple of interesting things pop up that I did not know previously (Which doesn't say alot because I'm pretty ignorant of things in that corner of the state...)

It appears that a number of the men of the 36th EMM were from the Nodaway Home Guards. Here are a couple cases in point.

From A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, copyright 1918; transcribed 1997.

John Hamm, Capt Co I
" John Ham, father of Doctor Ham, was born at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 1828, and is now living at Maryville, Missouri, almost ninety years of age. ... John Ham is one of the few original republicans still left on the stage. He voted for John C. Fremont in 1856, and has given his staunch loyalty to the republican organization for over sixty years. At one time he held the office of postmaster in Maryville. During the Civil war he was with the Missouri Home Guards on the Union side, and saw considerable service along the border, assisting in repelling Quantrill's and Price's raids through Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri."

From White River Valley Historical Quarterly, Volume 3, Number 11 Spring 1970 :
"At the beginning of War of the Rebellion in 1861 a company of "Home Guards" was organized in May, 1861, with Moses Stingley as captain and Amos Bentley as First Lieutenant. I, Jos., Yarnell joined the company and served with it until May 1862.

In August 1862, the "Home Guards" disbanded and The enrolled Malitia was organized and I joined Co. C. Regiment 36, Mo. Enrolled Malitia with Amos B. Bentley as Captain of the Company.

I served with Capt. Bentley in said Co. C, from August 1862 until the Co. was disbanded in 1864 by special order No. 126, except about ________ days

Joseph Yarnell.

Said Joseph Yarnell was loyal to the United States Government during the whole of the War of the Rebellion and used all of his ability in the Missouri Militia and otherwise, to protect the lives and property of the citizens of Nodaway County and the northwestern part of the state.

Capt. A. Bentley

(copied by Mary J. Bentley by permission from a letter written by Capt. Bentley in behalf of Jos. M. Yarnell)

From these little snippets, if I was a betting man, I'd come to the conclusion all four Lucas men were related somehow and it appears that the 36th EMM had several men from the Nodaway County Home Guard in it. Further its clear that men from Buchanan county were in the Nodaway Home Guard perhaps even the best part of a couple of companies. Now if I find the time to do a cross walk table of the Nodaway SOS records to the 36th EMM records.....


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