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Re: Hildebrand's arrest in Arkansas

The following short death notice appeared in the Clay Count Arkansas newspaper on Nov 30,1906

"Daniel Monday aged 86, native of Ireland and an uncle of Pat Martin, died of pneumonia last Monday at Mr. Martin's home in Pocahontas. He first went there in 1856. He was a
charter member of the Catholic church established there in 1869. In 1868, he was one of a posse that capured Sam Hildebrand, the notorious bushwhacker, who later escaped from Jacksonport jail."

Daniel Monday came from a Gaelic-speaking area of County Donegal in Ireland. I have established that his real name was Mac Luan. The word Luan in Gaelic means Monday and it appears he changed his name to the English translation on arrival in the US. The last sentence of the death notice is all I know about his connection with the arrest of Sam Hildebrand and would be glad if anyone could give me further information for my family history project.

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