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Larry and Chief,

Try this on for size. For two years, 2004-2006, I worked for a private company with state contracts to handle "at risk youths". Now these "at risk youths" had been convicted of or were waiting trial for:

Grand Theft Auto
Cruelty to animals
Indecent exposure
drug trafficking
Drug possession

Well, you get the picture. On Feb 2, 2006 I was dismissed for, according to the Director of Operations, being "too much of a diciplinarian with the kids".According to him my methods were "not in line with our facility's policy of gaining the kids' trust". LOL I'm dealing with drug traffickers, rapists, and killers and I need their trust? Oh well. The quotation marks are his exact words. Also he said, and I quote, "Mr. Robbins, you are not a Sgt. in the Marines any more".

As I told him, " Sir, I'll always be that, but it's hard for someone like you, who NEVER SERVED, to understand". And I also said "&%&&&%%##$ LOL......Well so it goes..LOL


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