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So it wasn't just John McGaugh and Nancy Coffer who were teenagers. If these kids were living more into the modern era I think they'd be computer hackers and spray paint taggers, and would hang out at the mall wearing saggy britches, or whatever it is they do today now that the malls are gone.

But instead they were products of their era and geographic setting and were literally forerunner prototypes for the fictional Wolverines in Red Dawn. Not only did they root out Bill Anderson's hideout and at least one of them participate in the subsequent historic massive shootout, they were also tied to the killings of at least four other Rebels.

So here's the kicker -- McGaugh had turned 18 twenty days before Bill Anderson was killed. The girl Nancy Coffer was thirty days from turning 15. Ben Fortune was 14. Ben Brasher was 16. George Baker was 16. And Merton Bissell was 14.

They were tied together for life too. Very soon after the war Coffer and McGaugh got married. Then Ben Fortune married McGaugh's sister. And Fortune and Brasher were already cousins.

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