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Re: Death of Basom at Farley, Platte Co. 10Mar63
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You cited the "Leavenworth Conservator" version of this incident. Leavenworth was decidedly northern in its viewpoint, and I assume so was this newspaper, while the majority of Platte County was definitively southern in sympathy. Allow me to quote for you a more southern view of these incidents from the Weston, Platte County, newspaper, the "Weston Sentinel" (date not given) as picked up later across the state by the St. Louis "Daily Missouri Republican" of 16 March 1863. My comments are in brackets:

"On Tuesday [10 March], three of the Sheriff's officers proceeded to the neighborhood of Farley, to arrest Ol. Basom, against whom the Grand Jury of this country [Platte] had found a true bill for larceny. On entering the house to make the arrest, Basom shot at and wounded Mr. Morin, son of the Deputy Sheriff. He then ran out, and firing on the other two officers, attempted to escape, but the officers returned the fire and wounded him so severely that he died within three hours. Basom is represented as being a great desperado; and is suspected of being concerned in the late daring robberies in this county. We are informed that before he died he made some important disclosures to the Sheriff.

Later--Much excitement prevails at Platte City, in consequence of rumors of threats made by Basom's friends to take revenge for his death. Deputy Sheriff Morin's life was considered in peril; in consequence of which a request was sent to Col. Price to furnish a military force for the protection of Platte City. Yesterday morning Col. Price left with a detachment of men to give the asked-for protection. After Col. Price left Weston an officer from Leavenworth City arrived here bringing information that a number of suspicious men had crossed the river [Missouri River]. This, with the rumor that the "Red Legs" were landing for an attack on Platte City, increased the excitement, and an additional force was ordered from this city [Weston], who left last evening. Before reaching Platte City, however, they received countermanding orders, and returned to Weston late last night.

Up to the hour of going to press this (Thursday) morning, we hear of no violence being attempted."

I hope this helps you determine the truth about your ancestor.

Bruce Nichols

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