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Benjamin F. Simpson

Just wanted to do some updating. After going back over the records my aunt had sent me, there is a very clear trail as to who and where he came from. For starters his parents are Francis Simpson and Sarah(Sally)Ann Frank from Virginia to Kentucky. Not Elijah and Mary Logan as I have seen on many sites. There are many wills, probate records, and land records, including an application for Sarah's husbands military pension which show a clear connection to Benjamin. One of these is an affidavit listing her children and their birth dates. Children as follows: James- 17, Jan. 1799, Sophia-9, Sept. 1800, Fanny and Julia-6,Apr. 1802, Francis-6, Mar. 1806, Gabriel-19, Dec. 1807, Benjamin-16, Nov. 1809, Israel-27, Nov. 1811, Joseph-26, Feb. 1814, Reason-2, Feb. 1816, Edward-12, Nov. 1817, Sarah Ann-26, Jan. 1822, Mary Ann-1, Feb. 1824, Elizabeth-16, Aug. 1825. Whew. Secondly, in all records so far Benjamin does not use a middle name. I would assume that Millie knew when she had his headstone inscribed what the F. stood for. My feeling is no one can be sure at this point as it could possibly be for Francis after his father. Millie's maternal grandfathers name was Benjamin Franklin Moberly which could be why the name Benjamin Franklin began showing up in Millie and Benjamin's family names. Thirdly, Millie and her children moved back to Kentucky after Benjamin's death for about 8-10 years. Clark County, Kentucky deed records show her deeding property to Thomas Moberly in Sept. of 1862. Her youngest daughter, Hattie also verifies this in an interview published in a book on Bates County. Thank you for your indulgences in this matter.
Leslie (Simpson) Oldenettel.
PS. There is an inscription on the bottom of Benjamin's headstone which reads:
A loving friend a husband dear
A tender parent lieth here.
Great is the loss we here sustain
Of hope in heaven to meet again.