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(I'm attaching email message here so other ancestry or Civil War seekers can use the information in their searches.) - Amanda Hart

Mr. Henderson,

I have had a photo in my possession for a couple of years, but had not name with
the photo until this last summer. The name on the back of the photo was P. P.
Hart. After speaking with my father-in-law, I found out that his grandpa's
name was P. P. Hart (Page Patterson Hart). Page's father was David G. Hart.
Now, the Harts grew up poor; starting with Page's generation. I couldn't
understand why they were so poor when they had a father who was a doctor.
However, after assessing the time period and learning that David G Hart had so
many children, 15 that I have found, there probably wasn't much to go around.

These are the facts I've discovered:
David G. Hart
Born: 28 Aug 1826
Died: 17 Oct 1893
Boone County, AR, USA

Married to Martha Tennessee Allen
Born: abt 1834
Albion, , Tennessee, USA
Died: abt 1868
Mountain Home, Baxter, Arkansas, USA

They had the following children:
Thomas Allen Hart 1851–
Susan Nancy Hart 1853–
Fanny Belle Hart 1856–
Ida H Hart 1859–
Mary Ellen M Hart 1862–
David Gilbert W Hart 1864–

Martha Tennesse died, and David married:
Ellen H Layton
Born: 16 May 1849
, , Missouri, USA
Died: 6 Jun 1924
, Harrison, Arkansas, USA

They had the following children:
Edgar Hart
Mattie Harper Hart
Perci Hart
Walter Hart
John Hart 1849–
William Hart 1881–
P P Hart 1884–1943
May Eikamp Hart 1889–
Fay "Holt" B Hart 1891–

David G Hart died. Ellen H Layton remarried to Benjamin Mason Estes. They had
no children together.

I had found an Ellen H Layton in my ancestry records, but couldn't figure out
who she was or how she was connected until I looked on I found
a photo of Ellen which matched a photo of the Ellen I had in my photo
collection. I also remembered the photo of the man and Ellen that had P. P.
Hart on the back. The photo shows David G Hart and Ellen H Layton. David is
in some sort of uniform. I am not sure about this. (Your information would be
helpful here.) I contacted the Estes family, the family Ellen H Layton married
into after David died. They were greatful that I had found my missing link and
were able to provide me with VERY LITTLE information about David G. Hart.

I will contact them again to see if anyone else in the Estes family there in
Arkansas has information.

I am attaching copies of the photos I have and the photos provided by the Estes
Family of David G Hart, his grave, the grave of his first wife, and of Ellen H
Layton and her grave. I'm sorry I have no further information. I'm guessing
that with so many children, when my branch of the Harts moved to Texas, things
kind of got lost. In fact, David G. Hart's son, PP Hart's son, Arvin Hart was
illiterate. Arvin's son is my father-in-law who dropped out of 7th grade to
marry. Education was NOT at the top of their agenda...I'm sure survival was,
though. It's still amazing to me that the generations span from Doctor to
illiterate. Amazing. (I'm a teacher, so I find it intriquing.)

Regarding your questions:
1. Any info on his business activities other than as a physician,
especially in Cassville, MO (where he apparently was briefly engaged in some
kind of business activity that involved paying a federal tax in about 1863)
- The only information I have comes from census records which show him to be a
2. His contact or relationship with anyone named "Pharis" or "Faris" or
- No information
3. any info about his possibly being in charge of a military hospital
in Ft. Smith early in the war
- no information
4) anything that might give me a lead on his those he was associated with during
the war years
- no information other than family information

Enjoy the photos. Let me know if you choose to use any of them please.

Amanda Hart

P.S. I have another photo of an older man, I'm guessing to be David G Hart's
father. I do not have a name or proof, but the facial resemblance is there.

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