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2 U. S. R. C. Mo. Inf

I have an ancestor that served in the 2 U.S.R.C. MO 1, Company K. Because of the unusual spellings of both his first and last names, I have had extreme difficulty finding much information. LDS records say he died of Cholera Dec. 16, 1861 but I cannot find other record of this nor can I locate their source record. I did find him listed in the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System as follows:

Balzer Bonniker

His actual name was Balthasar Boeniger. He arrived in New York from Switzerland May 6, 1861. I am especially searching for pension record information because he had a son named Adam whom I believe received a pension as a result of Balthasar's service. From records I have located not related to Civil War records, I think the pension was $4 a month. The son's name was Adam Buenniger and the recipient of the pension was Christian Jacob, his guardian.
I will very much appreciate any help.