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'Harlequin' Uniforms

Reading the following book - American Civil War Confederate Army - by Ron Field. Part of Brassey's History of Uniforms.

It states (Pg 53 [in the book I have) - That received by the 8th Louisiana revealed the problems the State Penitentiary workshps experiencd producing cloth of a standard quality and colour. Som fo the clothing was in appearance as 'absurd as a harlequin dress, the body and sleeves being of diverse colors and materials. '

Question - is this statement accurate? Any idea as to materials, colors, styles, etc that they produced? No date noted as when this occured, but would expect it to be in the 1861/62 period, prior to capture of BR. Guessing late 61, early 62.



PS - am going to include in uniform forum, but would expect readers of this forum to be a bit more 'smarter.'

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'Harlequin' Uniforms
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