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Burials after Skirmishes in Arkansas

I have again come across soldiers whose burial records are not anywhere to be found. They died as result of Skirmishes. These two latest soldiers, were killed June 17 1862, one on the McKinney Farm and one on the Strawberry River. Records indicate thaat the Milligan Campground at Calamine was the location of the Federal camp, and Hospital tent. It is highley likely these two soldiers were buried in temporary graves, and nothing pemment occurred. Also one Confederate of Captain Wiley C. Jones Confederates that was a part of Coleman's Missouri Cavalry Regiment, was reported as KIA, and that his body was taken to the Federal Camp, and is also probably buried there. Any ideas how to determine whether these three were buried aat the Campground. VA records of body recovery after the war does not indicate they ever went to Milligan campground, Powhatan, and surrounding areas. wondering about the dead from Martin's creek and Morgan's Mill.