The Arkansas in the Civil War Message Board

Colonel Dobbin's Parole

No. 172.

I, the undersigned Prisoner of War, belonging to the Army of the Trans-Mississippi Department, having been surrendered by General E. Kirby Smith, C.S.A., Commanding said Department, to Maj. Gen. E. R. S. Canby, U.S.A., Commanding Army and Division of West Mississippi, do hereby give my solemn parole of honor, that I will not hereafter serve in the Armies of the Confederate States, or in any military capacity whatever, against the United States of America, or render aid to the enemies of the latter, until duly exchanged or otherwise released from the obligations of this parole by the authority of the Government of the United States.

Done at Galveston, Texas, this 13th day of July 1865.

Col. Comdg. 1st Brig. Ark. Cav.

The above named officer will not be disturbed by United States Authorities, as long as he observes his parole and the laws in force where he resides (Helena, Ark.).