The Arkansas in the Civil War Message Board

Still more from Dobbin's Regiment

Army of the Confederate States, June 26th, 1863.

Col. Anderson, Adj’t Gen.

Honored Sir—I have the honor to address you a few lines in regard to the disrespectful treatment that I have received by my Senior Officers since the Eighth of this month. Lieut. R. B. Barton on that day resigned, and Col. Dobbins ordered an election on the 12th inst. In the absence of 2nd Sen. Lieut. A. G. McDaniel, I was not an aspirant for the 1st Lieutenancy, from the fact that I believed Lieut. McDaniel entitled to the office. Lieut. McDaniel resigned on the 18th of June and then I was an aspirant for the office of 2nd Sen. Lieutenant, and I believe that I could have been elected without any trouble, but Col. A. S. Dobbins appointed W. E. Williamson 2nd Sen. Lieutenant and I don’t think that I merit such disrespectful treatment, and I wish to know whether you will allow such as that or not. I have been Brevet 2nd Lieutenant of this Company ever since the 16th day of June 1862, the day it was organized.

I have the honor to be, Your most obedient Servant,

JNO. H. ROGERS, Brevet 2nd Lieut.,
Co. B, Col. Dobbins Cavalry Regmt.


Hd. Qrs. Big Creek, June 29, 1863.

Jno. H. Rogers, Brvt. 2nd Lieut. in Capt. McGehee’s Co., is a notorious coward. Ran off from his Company at one time when engaged in a fight with the enemy & was absent 24 hours before he could be found by his Capt. He is no part of an Officer and I have been informed by his Capt. that he could not get on with him as Lieut. in his Company, but disliked to have him disgraced by having him casheried.

Col. Comd’g Regt.


Hd. Qrs. Dist. of Ark, Little Rock, July 9, 1863.

Under the law, the most senior officer of a Company is entitled to promotion to fill a vacancy occurring in it. See Sec. X, Act Approved Apl. 16, 1862, published in G.O. No. 30, A.&I.G.O. Series of 1862. Lt. Rogers is liable to procedure on the allegation made by Col. Dobbin under Act No. 26, published by G.O. No. 93, A.&I.G.O., 1862; or by trial before Court Martial. It has become the duty of Col. Dobbin to initiate such proceedings. Failing in this, the Lt. has his remedy by application for a Court of Inquiry. The Colonel of the Reg’t has no authority to appoint officers in it.

Resp’y returned to Lt. Rogers thro’ Brig. Gen’l T. M. Walker.

By order of Lt. Gen’l Holmes,


Camp in the Field, July 20th, 1863.

To Lieut. Genl Holmes, Little Rock, Arks.

Genl—After thinking over the matter, I would prefer to resign as Brevet 2nd Lieut. of Capt. McGehee’s Company in Cavalry Regiment commanded by Col. A. S. Dobbins and go to the ranks in some Company in the Regiment rather than stand a Court Martial.

Your obt servt,
Brvt 2d Lieut. Co. “B”,
Dobbins Regt of Cavalry.


Hd. Qrs. In the Field, July the 20th, 1863.

Genl—The above named John H. Rogers came to me this morning and states that he knew that he would be cashiered if tried by a Court Martial, and asked to be allowed to resign. He has a very nice family, and for their sake I would be glad with your permission to allow him to resign, rather than have him cashiered, which will certainly be done if he is court martialed. I send back his former letter that you may fully understand the case.

Very respectfully, your obt servt,
Col. Comdg Brig.