The Arkansas in the Civil War Message Board

Dobbin's Arkansas Cavalry

Hd. Qrs Brownsville, August 15th, 1863.

E. H. Cowley, Adj, Col. Dobbins Regt.

Sir—I hereby tender my resignation as Lt. Col. of Dobbins Regt, Gen. L. M. Walkers Brig. Cavalry, to take effect from date, by reason of disability of right arm from a gun shot wound received on the 25th day of May 1863.

Lt. Col. Dobbins Regt.


I certify that I have carefully examined this officer, and find that he has been suffering from a wound in the right arm received while engaged with the enemy near Helena, Arks, on the 25th day of May, 1863, and that in consequence thereof, he is in my opinion unfit for duty. I further declare my belief that he will not be able to resume his duties for several months, if ever, owing to the contraction of tendons which prevents him from the use of his right hand.

Sr. Surg. Brigade.