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Hi Alan -

my Riley Marion Byrd is in the 1860 census for District 8, Stewart Co. TN (along the Tennessee River, several miles north of Fort Henry). I have not been able to locate ANY documents absolutely confirming his CSA service although the 1900 census for Stewart County does indicate him as being a Confederate veteran.

Since he died ~1915, there are no pension docs for him. His granddaughter (~96 yrs old when struck/killed by a car during her daily walk a few years ago) was ADAMANT that he was a Confederate veteran. She was the one who told me her grandpa Riley had named his son (Joseph Mentor "pronounced minter" Byrd) after his commanding officer.

Two of Riley's brothers and several of his cousins were in the CSA; see:

Another piece of indirect evidence I have is from Riley's Federal Provost Marshal file for Stewart Co. TN. His loyalty oath was administered in the Fall/Winter of 1862 by members of Lowe's 5th Iowa Cavalry - there was a handwritten addendum for his document that read "Under no circumstances will I go beyond the lines of the United States" followed by his signature. Sounds like the Feds were keeping a close eye on him for some reason - suspected guerrilla/partisan or.....????

Dunno re the coincidence between Riley's son Joseph Mentor ("minter") Byrd and Major Minter connection; I am grasping at anything at this point. Please keep your eyes/ears open for any docs that would confirm a CSA service for Riley Marion Byrd?

thanks for your help,

Kenneth Byrd

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