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Interesting information:

The CSR Unit identification for the 40th Tennessee record the following:

Field and Staff

. . . Minter, Ja A. Major, Higgins, H. H. Major . . .

Company D (afterwards Co. B 50/54 Ala Inf)

Captain H. H. Higgins, Captain to Maj. & Lt. Col
Chas. W. Raisler, 1st Lieutenant, Captain


Hiram Harrison Higgins, age 59, enlisted August 1, 1861, at Athens, Alabama in Captain H. H. Higgins' Company, Walker's Regiment Volunteers**, promoted Captain Company A, 5th Confederate Infantry October 5, 1861, later recorded as Major on POW record cards, [CSR M268] " . . . he signed a receipt for pay October 15, 1862, no later record of him has been found," [War Officer note of 4/9/1937]

[Note: There are no CSR cards for Hiram in either the 50th or 54th Alabama records]

**This company subsequently became Company A, 40th Tennessee Infantry

This regiment was organized in October, 1861, and was composed of one Florida, one Kentucky, four Alabama and four Arkansas companies. It was captured at Island No. 10 April 8, 1862; released at Vicksburg, Miss., in September, 1862, and declared exchanged at Aiken's Landing, Va., November 10, 1862. The regiment was called the 40th Regiment Tennessee Infantry and Walker's Regiment Volunteers, but was officially designated the 5th Regiment Confederate Infantry by S. O. No. 45, A. I. G. O., dated February 25, 1862. By S. O. No. 59, Hdqrs. Jackson, Miss., dated September 29, 1862, the four Arkansas companies were assigned to the 15th (Johnson's) Regiment Arkansas Infantry, the four Alabama companies were assigned to the 54th Regiment Alabama Infantry, and the Florida company to the 42nd Regiment Tennessee Infantry. The Kentucky company was attached to the 8th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Infantry by S. O. No. 61, Hdqrs. Jackson, Miss., dated October 1, 1862.

This company became Company B, 54th Regiment Alabama Infantry.

Charles Wash Raisler, age 34, enrolled August 1, 1861 in Captain H. H. Higgin's Company, Walker's Regiment Volunteers at Athens, Alabama

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